Studio Detail, Paul Mpagi Sepuya. Courtesy the artist and Fire Island Artist Residency, 2013.

The Fire Island Artist Residency is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that is run entirely with the generous donations from supporters like you.


Donate via credit card online:


Donate via check to:

Fire Island Artist Residency 2066 28TH ST, Astoria, NY 11105


$25 - $50 provides the resources necessary to keep supplies in our office.

$250 - $500 covers essential operating costs for up to three months, and gives FIAR the ability to concentrate on investing in new programming and growth.

$1,000 - 2,500 pays for a substantial portion of a year’s worth of public programming, allowing FIAR to serve both the Fire Island Community and New York City with exhibitions like 2016’s Coney Island Babies: Visual Artists from the Brooklyn Drag Scene, and yearly exhibitions of our resident’s work mounted on the Island and in the City.

$5,000 underwrites the production cost of our yearly benefit edition from celebrated artists, like Nicole Eisenman, Nayland Blake, Mickalene Thomas, Ryan McGinely, and Jim Hodges, allowing us to generate even more support from collectors of art.

$10,000 covers costs for one artist’s residency. They will receive live/work space in Cherry Grove, the oldest LGBTQ community in the world, as well as pay for their meals and a small stipend for one month.

$25,000 allows FIAR to execute a future pilot residency program for an additional artistic discipline, such as writing, drag, film, or music.

FIAR expresses much appreciation to Sikkema Jenkis Co. and Rod J Sayegh for their generous support of our program.

Merchant Services


Jim Hodges

Barbara Hammer

Sikkema Jenkins & Co

Eileen Preiss

Janet Fleshin & Edrie Ferdun

John D Harkrider

Julie Mehretu

Keith Recker

Mike Fisher

Percy Steinhart

Ricahard Renaldi

Rod J Sayegh

Ross Bleckner

Susan Kravitz

Jackson Murley

Karen Heagle

Liz Collins

Lucia Musso

Matthew Marks Gallery

Nelson Santos

Andrew Black

Andrew Schirrmeister

Barbara Hammer

Bill Ottignon

Chelsea Beck

Damien Davis

Dan Tanzilli

David Krinsky

David Tabbert

Eddie Knasiak

Peter Cramer

Richard Renaldi

Ross Bleckner

Susan Kravitz

Taylor Absher

Thomas Burr

Tom Heman

Engin Beri

Eric Wechsler

Janelle Reiring

Joseph Malson

Nick Fiore

John Robertshaw

Evelyn Danko

Robert Flynt



A Summer Place Realty

Adam Cashmore

Alex Textor

Amy Sillman

Anthony Iacono

Bryce Edwards

Christian Rattemeyer

Darren L Miller

David Shelton

David Zinn

Diane Bewley

Donald Moffett

Donovan Whitehurst

Elizabeth Sullivan

Hein Koh

Jack and Mary Louise Bogia

Jackson Murley

Joyce Hulme Murley

Kehinde Wiley

Kelvin Cabrera

Lauren Gidwitz

Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay & Lesbian Art

Lucia Musso

Mark Thiel

Matthew Hesters

Matthew Rich

Neil James

Nelson Santos

Pau DeMuro

Paul Lisicky

Rebecca Levi

Rod J Sayegh

Ron Passerini

Ryan Kish

Scott Lerner

Sikkema Jenkins & Co

Sophia Cranshaw

Taj Waggaman

Travis Paul Martin

*FY is September - August

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