Each year FIAR rents beach houses in Cherry Grove and converts them into live/work spaces. Review the FAQ’s to learn more about life at FIAR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are studio spaces like at FIAR?
A. FIAR rents multiple beach houses in Cherry Grove to be utilized as live/work spaces. Each resident will have their own bedroom and some bedrooms will be large enough work in, but common spaces like living rooms and dining room tables can be used as studio space as well. Each resident is given work a work table and desk lamp. Outdoor work space is plentiful and decks, yards, and of course - the beach -  can be utilized for studio space. FIAR does its best to stay flexible and attempt to meet the studio related needs and preferences of our residents so they can be productive and ambitious. For writers we make every effort to provide bedrooms large enough for private workspace.

Q. Can a guest, friend, spouse, partners, significant other, gallerist, mentor, artist, etc. visit residents inside the residency houses?
A. No, FIAR does not allow visitors inside our rented properties unless invited by FIAR.

Q. Can residents bring a pet and or can pets visit?
A. Sorry, we cannot allow residents to bring pets.

Q. Is there a doctor on the island or EMS?
A. There is doctor in Cherry Grove staffed by Northwell Health staying 5 minutes away and they are available during normal working hours. There is an EMS for Cherry Grove full time and should be used only in a situation where you would call 911 as you will be taken off the island at your expense.

Q. Does the island have resources for sober individuals?
A. Fire Island has a thriving sober community and various meetings are held on the island several times a day in various locations. Info on these resources is posted across the walk at the firehouse, as well as bulletin boards all over Cherry Grove. 

Q. Are meals/food provided for residents?
A. FIAR provides residents with a stipend in the form of a pre-paid credit card to be used for groceries. FIAR will provide instructions on ordering food from the mainland online via a grocery delivery service that arrives via boat instructions on how to pick those groceries up from the nearby dock.  Resident stipends will be enough to pay for groceries for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinners, desserts, and beverages of your choice for the month. Stipends are not meant to cover additional consumables like alcohol or recreational expenses.

Q. Does FIAR provide studio equipment such as a kiln, wood/ metal shop, etc.?
A. No, currently FIAR occupies rented beach house properties which are modestly converted into live/work spaces which include outdoor space for artist working with materials requiring ventilation as well as a small selection of hand tools such as drills.  Residents are encouraged to bring additional equipment that they are already familiar using and can transport safely to Fire Island via ferry service/shipped.